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C & C Paving of Sellersville Pennsylvania, is a local sealcoating copmany that offers asphalt sealcoating and pavement sealcoating to protect and extend the life of the installation. By sealing your asphalt surface, our driveway sealcoating contractors can greatly improve the look, lifetime, and value of your property with the use of approved asphalt sealcoating products and asphalt sealcoating equipment. Your asphalt surface is an important investment that’s worth making to maintain. It’s something you use everyday, but also adds a considerable amount of value to your property. Having a sealcoating service done when recommended will equal less money and time in the long run, since it protects against and prevents damage from use and the elements.

What is Sealcoating?

Think of seal coating as preventative maintenance for your driveway or other paved areas. It’s much like staining your home to protect the wood from damage. Asphalt seal coating protects the asphalt from damage and extends the life of driveways, parking lots, basketball courts, and other paved areas. As professional paving contractors, this service is included in our installations, and we offer it as a standalone service for other pavement to protect it or help maintain the asphalt.

Our professionals use Flex-A-Fill®, Gem-Seal®, and Star-Seal seal coatings for their superior quality and reliability, that standby their sealcoating service.

  • Flex-A-Fill® is used for Highways, Streets, Parking Lots and even Airport Runways! It is resistant to cracking pavement in the harsh winters and highly resistant to tracking vehicle tires in the hot temperatures.
  • Gem-Seal® has been around for 60 years providing a variety of crack fillers, sealants, additives and more for residentials and commercial businesses.

How Often Should I Have My Driveway Sealed?

It is recommended that you seal a driveway every other year. Some clients prefer to seal each year. While there are many driveways that have never been sealed—you can tell which is which by their cracks and appearance. Whether you seal every year or every two years, any protection is better than none, and you will extend the life of your pavement with seal coating. How Long Should I Stay off the Driveway? The entire curing process takes 2 to 3 days, though we request that there is no traffic on the driveway for at least the first 24 hours after it is sealed.

What is the Process?

Our first step with any asphalt seal coating job is to power-clean it, which includes sweeping off debris and pressure washing the entire area. Next, we will apply a crack filling material, which you will notice on your proposal. We always indicate the approximate footage of the cracks we will be treating. We don’t recommend an application of crack-filling material to cracks less than an inch wide. If a driveway is extremely alligatored, we may fill a certain amount of the cracks, and recommend 2 coats of sealant. The final step is to apply the asphalt based pavement seal to the entire driveway.

What are the Benefits of a Second Coat?

Applying a second coat of seal coat could be beneficial to driveways that have been neglected for many years and show signs of aging, such as pitting and cracks less than an inch. It’s also beneficial to have a second coat on brand new driveways that show the appearance of individual rocks instead of a smooth, continuous appearance.

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Benefits of Seal Coating

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